I have been making sourdough every Sunday for the last 6 months, it's quite laborious but I have never felt the effort outweighed the reward. This loaf is chewy and crisp on the outside and soft, gluey and airy on the inside. Sourdough requires a live starter bug, ask around to see if anyone you know has some that can be past down to you, if not this will need to be made from scratch. 


Makes 1 Loaf


450 grams high grade flour
50 grams wholemeal flour
350mls of warm water
100 grams of sourdough starter
10 grams salt
35mls warm water
2 teaspoons high grade flour
2 teaspoons cornflour


Using a cake mixer with a dough hook, combine the flours. In a jug combined the warm water and sour dough starter, let sit for a few minutes. Add to flour and mix on a medium speed for 5 minutes. Now place a plate or plastic wrap over the bowl and let sit for thirty minutes. 

Once the 30 minutes is up, combine the salt and warm water and mix well letting the salt dissolve. Add this to the dough and mix on a medium speed for another 5 minutes. Once combined, using your hands scrape around the bottom of the bowl and pull sides up to the centre of the dough. Now leave for 4 hours in a warm spot. 

In a bread basket or colander, place a tea towel and sprinkle over the flour and corn flour, this will stop the dough from sticking to the towel. 

Dust a flat, clean surface with flour and place dough onto floured surface. Lightly knead dough for a few minutes until you have a smooth ball. Gently place the dough in the basket, pull the sides of the tea towel up over the top and leave for a further four hours. 

Take a heavy based, cast iron casserole dish with a lid and place it in the oven at 230°C. Once it has reached temperature, remove pot from oven and carefully flip the dough into the centre of the casserole dish. Place the lid back on top and return to the oven for 20 minutes. 

Once 20 minutes is up turn oven down the 200°C and remove pot lid. Continue to cook bread for a further 30 minutes.